Off the Wall Murals makes indoor and outdoor murals for personal, commercial, and community spaces. We'll work on canvas, on panels, or on site in painting vignettes to add accents to a room. We'll tailor single walls or transform entire rooms to create whatever atmosphere or effects you desire. We'll help you draw attention to your business with our dynamic compositions, or make a positive visual statement for your neighborhood.

Our paintings are rich in character and detail and sophisticated in design. They might be whimsical, calming, or bold, but all undergo a rigorous design process to suit each client's needs. We'll work closely with you to develop the best visual solution for your interior or exterior space. Let us help you build your next conversation piece.

George Ratkevich earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Boston University's School for the Arts in 1988, and his Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Teaching in 1994. Between those years, he worked in the human services and initiated his first mural project, a surreal landscape painted collaboratively with residents of a New England homeless shelter. In addition to being a painter and illustrator, George is a dedicated art educator who has taught high school students subjects as varied as drawing and painting, sculpture, illustration, animation, photography, and mural-making.