YOu'Re suRoUNdeD bY BLinkInG liGHts, lAzeRs, aND HaLF nakED bOi'S And GiRlz... Chances are you're at a RAVE. Marked as a scene of love and techno music, Rave's have been stained as a glamous part of "druggie" culture. True, there are more narcotics at a rave then in 1000 pharmacies, but never-the-less, some RaverBABi's do go to raves just to enjoy the scene. Tons of upcoming Raves are happening in celebration of the new millennium! We're unable to update our rave listings at this time so please click on our links page for links to rave listings in YOUR area. Our part-E's will be back up soon.

HaPpY NEw yEAr!

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