What happened to sugar and spice?

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Girly Girls

I promised them and here they are! Follow these pages for a look into my everlasting friends!

Kent's Angels

Coming from the city of Fashion, Manhatten of course, I've managed to keep up with most trends (and it helps that my mom's in fashion) Kids at Kent are usually preps- but every now and then I see someone who actually has taste. The Fashion Sorority is there for all of you desperate J. CREW slaves, and you know who you are. Need a hand can can help

ME.. ME.. ME!

Ok, so I'm a girl.. what more can I say? Wanna know a little bit more? Click here MeMeMe

Who is it that you REALLY hate? Heck, she doesn't even have to go to Kent! Email me to nominate YOURE DAWG of the month. Click here to see whoMs. Dawg January 2000 isDAWG of the Month

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