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0-6-0 Steam Switcher #107

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Rutland 0-6-0 switcher #107 was acquired from neighbor Clarendon & Pittsford in 1946 and became the sole member of class B-3.  She was retired in September 1953.
Collection of James R, Dufour

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Here's a nice, low-angle view of the other side of   Rutland  #107 taken at Burlington, Vermont.
  Even the Rutland's switchers bore testimony to the pride and skill of the Rutland's shop forces.
Collection of James R, Dufour

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The Rutland's #107 started life as Clarendon & Pittsford #9.
This is a builder's photo of C &P #9 taken in Decemeber 1924. 
Collection of James R, Dufour

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