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The Green Book of HO Scale Brass Milk Cars Milk Cars: who imported what and when in brass.

Rutland Models & Construction Articles:




Hopper No. 10009 Bill Badger Bill started with Bowser's PRR GLa.
Pacific No. 80 Phil Kuczewski Phil converted an Atlas 4-6-2 into a Rutland K1.
Flanger X111 Don Janes Don details his assembly of the Rutland Car Shops kit.
Van No. 43 Bill Badger Converting the MDC standard into a Rutland classic
RS-3 No. 205

Don Janes

Don Janes does it again. Amazing!

Milk Car No. 394 Don Janes Don's beautiful rendition of this converted reefer began as a Rutland Car Shops kit.
Weathering Gondolas

Don Janes

Tips for weathering the exposed interiors of 1700 and 4100 series wood gondolas.

Rutland 40-Series Vans

Don Janes

Don explains how he "mass produced" a set of resin parts in order to construct a roster of these classic Rutland vans.

Milk Car No. 351 

George Micklus

Tips on painting and lettering an ex-DL&W car.

Chatham Ice House

Ray Muntz

Ray scratchbuilt this little Rutland jewel.

E. C. Crosby

Don Spiro

Don duplicated this Danby, VT landmark in HO scale.

Spreader X180

Jim Otto

Detailing, painting and lettering a Walthers Jordan Spreader for the Rutland.

Caboose No. 12

Jim Otto

A "four window" van from the RPI/F&C kit.

4100-series Gondola

Jim Otto

A stock Funaro & Camerlengo kit brought to life.

Magor Side Dump

Jim Otto

Another nicely weathered model from Jim Otto.

Milk Cars 337 & 338

Jim Otto

A step-by-step kitbash of these unique milk cars.

Wood Baggage Car 132

Jim Dufour

A scratchbuilt model in HO scale.

RPO-Baggage 181

Jim Dufour

A scratchbuilt model in HO scale.

Whiting Station

Randy Laframboise

This is a Rutland Car Shops model of an Addison Branch station with an attached milk shed.

Milk Car No. 392

Jay Conant

A freight reefer converted to milk service in HO scale.

2-8-2 Mikado No.37

Don Janes

Don started with an Athearn light Mike a created a masterpiece in HO scale. Includes a complete parts list.

Steel Baggage No. 129 Bill Badger Bill decribes his assembly of the Rutland Car Shops kit.

Honorary Rutland Models:




B&M RPO 3119

Jim Dufour

A regular on the Mount Royal kitbashed in HO scale.

Sylvan Scale Models
CN Express Reefer

Jim Dufour and Don Janes

Stafford Swain helps us render an accurate addition to our Mount Royal consist. Mal Houck weighs in on maximizing brass express reefers.

B&M Milk Car 1718 Jim Dufour A regular visitor to the Rutland's yard at Bellows Falls


Note: other models that are not specifically Rutland are featured in the Milk Train section.

Modeling Forums:


Latest Entry


Railworks Forum

(10/12/99) Railworks HO scale brass models of Rutland & New York Central passenger, milk and express cars. Plus: how to apply those filmless decals that come with the models!!!

USRA Light Mike Forum

(12/10/01) Athearn's USRA Light 2-8-2 Mikado steam locomotive

PS-1 Forum

(12/03/99) How to model the Rutland's Pullman Standard PS-1 box cars

Railworks Forum 2001

n/a Railworks and Boo-Rim raise the bar yet again with another batch of beautiful combines and milk cars.

Dealers & Manufacturers:


The finest freight car craftsman kits available...and now including Al's beautifully rendered Rutland NYC-design box cars.

Bethlehem Car Works 

BCW markets and sells the remaining stock and future releases of Rutland Car Shops.

Highball Graphics

Manufacturer of decals of interest to the Rutland modeler, in both HO and O scales. Lots of milk car decals, and more are on the way!

Rutland Car Shops  

RCS was the source of many rolling stock and structure kits with a Rutland theme. They are now marketed by Bethlehem Car Works.

Jim Shaughnessy

The Rutland Road is back in print, as is Delaware & Hudson. Autographed copies are available direct from the author.

Steam Shack

Roger Dumas' hobby shop is located in --of all places-- Rutland, Vermont. Home of the exclusive HO scale Rutland PS-1 box car.

Vermont Hobby Depot

Located in Woodsville, Vermont. Lots of New England stuff.

Steve's Depot

Located in Burlington, MA, Steve's Depot is The Source for DCC components and factory-trained installation. Steve is a great guy, too!


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Click the thumbnail image on the left and step into some scenes from Lou Sassi's incredibly realistic modules.

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