Remembering the Rutland

Rutland Railroad
Equipment Rosters and Capsule Histories

Rutland Post-War Caboose Rosters
Rutland Milk Car Rosters
Rutland Post-War Maintainence-of-Way Car Rosters
Rutland Post-War Diesel Locomotive Roster
Rutland Steam Locomotive Roster
Rutland Post-War Passenger Car Roster
Rutland Freight Car Rosters

Capsule Histories:
Milk Train
Working the Milk with Johnnie McKean
Snow Fighting on the Rutland
Rutland RR Wood Flanger X111
Rutland 36' Single Deck Stock Cars
8000-Series Wood Box Cars

Roster Notes:

  1. The rosters are as complete and accurate as possible, but mistakes and omissions are bound to exist. 
  2. Please send corrections and additional information to
    Jim Dufour.

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