American Association of Railroads
Classification of Cars, Definitions and Designation Letters of Passenger Equipment Cars

from the 1953 Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment

Classes Listed:
Class "B"--Baggage and Express Cars
Class "C"--Combination Cars
Class "D"--Dining and Food Cars
Class "E"--Electric Cars
Class "M"--Mail Cars
Class "P"--Passenger Cars
Class "I"  --Instruction Cars

Class "B"

BE Baggage Express
BH Horse or Horse and Carriage Express
BLF Flat Car (esp. for liquids containers)
BM Milk Car (cans and bottles)
BMR Milk Car (ice bunkers)
BMT Horse Car
BP Refrigerator Express
BR Refrigerator Express (w/ ice bunkers)
BS Refrigerator Express (w/ brine tanks, typ. for meats)
BX Box Express

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Class "C"

CAD Combination Car: Baggage and Passenger (w/ food service)
CO Combination Car: Baggage-Mail-Passenger
CS Combination Car: Baggage and Smoker (Club Car)
CSA Combination Car: Baggage-Dormitory-Kitchen
CSB Combination Car: Baggage and Sleeper
CSP Combination Car: Baggage or Mail Storage and Dormitory and Passenger

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Class "D"

DA Dining Car (w/ kitchen)
DB Buffet Car
DC Cafe Car
DCL Lunch Counter Lounge
DD Diner Dormitory
DE Dining Car (no Kitchen)
DG Grill Room Car
DK Dormitory Kitchen Car
DKP Kitchen Car
DL Buffet-Lounge Car
DLC Lunch Counter Car
DO Cafe Observation Car
DP Dining and Parlor Car
DPA Diner-Lounge

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Class "E"

These are electric car types.  I promise to add them when I have more time.

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Class "M"

MA Postal Car (for sorting and classifying mail)
MB Baggage and Mail
MBD Combination Mail, Baggage, and Dormitory Car
MBE Combination Baggage, Mail, and Express Car
MD Combination Mail and Dormitory Car
MP Postal Car (newspapers and large packages)
MR Postal Storage Car
MORT temporary class - for carrying the remains of military personnel

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Class "P"

PA Passenger Car (suburban short-haul)
PAS Coach-Sleeping Car
PB Coach or Chair (regular coach seats)
PBC Parlor-Coach (combined "PB" and "PC")
PBO Coach-Observation
PC Passenger, Parlor, or Chair Car (individual chairs)
PB Tavern
PDS Tavern-Sleeper
PE Emigrant or Colonist Car
PL Lounge Car
PO Observation Car
PS Sleeping Car
PSA Dormitory Car
PT Tourist Car
PV Private Car

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Class "I"

IA Instruction Car

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