A Remembering the Rutland Capsule History

(courtesy of Rutland Car Shops)

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Rutland flanger X111 was originally built for the Adirondack & St. Lawrence Railroad by American Car & Foundry and carried the number X201. It was renumbered to X445 in December 1901 after the Rutland annexed the A&StL rolling stock as part of its purchase of parent Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain Railroad in September, 1901. Both the Rutland and ICC records list the flanger's date built as "unknown," although we know that it was built sometime before December, 1901. The flanger was renumbered X111 by the Rutland on November 20, 1924, a designation it carried until the abandonment of the Rutland in 1963. However, flanger X111's numerous renumberings did not end with the Rutland's demise; the flanger was purchased in December, 1963 by successor Vermont Railway and assigned number 100. The Vermont Railway subsequently renumbered the flanger as 22 and finally X22. The Vermont Railway finally retired flanger X22 in 1987. Sadly, VTR flanger X22 (ex-Rutland X445/X111) was burned by vandals shortly after its retirement and could not be saved.

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