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More Milk Trains

Train 7 at Norwood

Another Rutland Classic
Rutland Ten Wheeler #77 is seen arriving at Norwood, NY with train #7 the westbound "Milk."  This scene has it all: classic Rutland steam, a milk platform loaded with milk cans, a pickup truck, a country station.  If ever you wished to step into a scene, this would be it.
  The date is September 2, 1949 and things will soon change forever here and all along the Rutland.
--Collection of Wayne D. Hills--

Train 87 Burlington

Northbound train #87 is shown arriving at Burlington, Vermont with class K-1 Pacific #80 leading empty milk cars for the dairy plants of northern Vermont and New York state.  The photo is dated is September 2, 1949, which means that this is essentially the same train as in the above photograph, but earlier in the day.  The locomotive will be changed at Alburgh.
--Collection of Wayne D. Hills--

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