Remembering the Rutland Photo Gallery:
Wrecks and Other Inconveniences

Milk Train Wreck

Wreck of Milk Train Near Hicks Crossing

This wreck resulted when the Bennington-North Bennington Shuttle met the southbound Milk Train at Hick's Crossing (North Bennington), Vermont on September 7, 1912.   The tender at the top-center is lettered "Rutland" and is numbered 2044, making it a Ten Wheeler, class of Manchester 1902.  The remains of the tender next to the curiosity-seekers is lettered "New York [Central Lines?] across the side and what appears to be "Rutland" across the side of the coal bunker.
ps do you suppose everyone in the area had plenty of free milk for a while after this wreck? 

--Collection of James R. Dufour--

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