Q & A Regarding the Catholic Church
(And some essays on general issues of Christian life, by yours truly)

Essays regarding Catholic Doctrine and Beliefs
A General Outline of Catholic Belief  - the basics - our statements on Salvation, the Commandments, the chief laws of the Church A brief History of the Bible - Where did the Bible come from, and who decided what books belonged in it? And why are Catholic and Protestant Bibles different?
Why don't Catholics call themselves "Christians"? - You always say you're "Catholic", why not just say "Christian"? Do Catholics Read the Bible? - You won't see a Catholic walking into church carrying a Bible - why?  Are they allowed to read the Bible?
Alternatives and Choices - Not your typical pro-life page - Mostly resources -  with many links for women experiencing crisis pregnancies, basic "what's it all about" abortion information, and support and resources for women who have had abortions.  Also links to pro-life organizations and an article from the US Catholic Bishops. Contraception and the Catholic Church - Why is the Catholic Church so against artificial contraception? What's the logic behind that?
Infant Baptism, what is that all about? - Why do Catholics baptize babies? Does Baptism Equal Redemption?  
What exactly is "Confirmation"? Did Jesus have brothers and sisters?  What does the Catholic Church say about that?
Inspiration vs Authority - How do you know the Bible is inspired?  Annulment Explained - What is annulment?  Why don't Catholics just get a divorce?
What is RCIA? - You've asked some questions and spoken with the local parish, and now they are telling you to take "RCIA" - what is that all about? One True Church - Do Catholics really pray for the conversions of other Christians to Catholicism?  Why? What do they mean when they say they are the True Church?


Thoughts, Essays and Personal Opinions
Understanding the Catholic Devotion to Mary - Do Catholics "worship" Mary? The Mysteries of the Rosary - A description and devotional page regarding the Sacred Mysteries of the Rosary
Are You Pro-Life? - Really?  Have you thought it through all the way? Abstinence is NOT "just" a religious question - A personal opinion
Explaining things - Some of my thoughts about the Holocaust and children, and what we can all do about such things. A Few Random Thoughts About Judas - Definitely a personal opinion!
Prayer in School? - A bit of a rant of mine... but not what you'd expect!   Laws of the Land - Some thoughts on the sanctity of all life, and following secular leadership, and the role of the Christian in government.
Evolution Without Darwin - Do Catholics really believe in Evolution? Is it really "science versus religion"?  No, not really... The Apostles Creed vs Gnosticism - Why was the Apostles Creed written? Does it really say Christ descended into Hell?
My Son's Angel - Some say the "age of miracles" is long over.    I disagree!  We experienced one! Thoughts on the Feast of Pentecost - Light from Heaven in the middle of a mundane day.
Forgiveness - It can be so hard.  Why? Thoughts About Walking on Water - What was Peter thinking when he climbed out of that boat?



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