Negative Space  (a series) 

   Part 9: Yolk

   Another installment in the 
   quest to scan my entire apartment

   Whenever I make an omelette I think of the movie "Big Night".  
   There's a scene in which one of the main characters, exhausted
   after a draining night, makes an omelette.  I won't go into 
   details (just see the movie, it's worth it) but the scene is
   a moment of simple grace, in which three people share food.
   Not a single word is uttered, yet so much is said.

   It seems fitting that in this scene, a moment of pure and simple
   life, that they would eat eggs.  Eggs are beautiful, a life
   condensed into its most essential components, with perhaps the
   most perfect packaging in nature -- a shell, a fluid enclosed, 
   a seed of sorts, floating inside.  A glowing center.  Yellow, 
   like the sun.  A potential for life.

   And in one of lifes gentle moments, I just scrambled three of 
   the suckers and ate them for breakfast.

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