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Well - 2002 was a strange year for my "wrists".
In the spring, I was at a local health club, and fell in the gym - and bruised my left wrist. I had a cast on for 6 weeks...
The neat part was that it was water-proof. Instead of the normal fluffy cotton liner, they used a special thin Gortex bubble-wrap. I could take showers, go swimming, etc...

Then in the first week of being at Jr. High, during morning basketball practice
- yup - I fell and bruised my right wrist.
I had a cast on my right wrist for 6 weeks... It came off on my Birthday :)
And - no the pictures are not flipped mirror images :)

Spring 2002 - Left Wrist

Fall 2002 - Right Wrist

The 2.48cc engine has a pull-start, like a lawn mower, and is almost 1HP in power.
This is my new nitro powered gasoline R/C car.
The body is removed to show the pieces that make it run.
It is 4-wheel drive for great traction, with full control, oil shocks, and disc brakes. Starting at the left front, is the foam bumper. The bright orange box contains the radio receiver & electronics. The white box is the gas tank. The silver fins are the top of the 2.48cc engine cylinder heat radiator.

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