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From Tracey Elliott
I'm seeking information about Ben E. Trask. Ben was a Sargent stationed at the American Airbase in Fairford, England from 1961-1962. The Airbase was near the town of Calne St Aldwin. At that time Ben E. Trask was about 25 To 30 years of age - he'd be in his 70's now. Ben stated that he was from Utah. Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to contact me at;

From Mary Rysdale
Headstone found: Ernest C. Trask 1876-1939
My father-in-law, who has been a landscape contractor in and around Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County, CA for over 20 years, found the headstone. We would like to return it to its rightful owners. My guess is that this stone was never placed at the grave, and may have been "left" in a yard somewhere in the county. Please contact me at if you have any information or questions. [Note; The headstone belongs to Ernest Charles Trask, b: 6-20-1876, d: 1939 Santa Cruz, CA. He married Katherine Ronan in ~1907, b: 3-19-1881 MT Canada/KY, d: 10-12-1943 San Franciso, CA - RWT]

From Beth Sharp
Dr. John Boardman Trask
Dr. John Boardman Trask
Abbie Maria Lowell
Abbie Maria Lowell
Emmaline Steele Trask
Emmaline Steele Trask

I am in search of information about the parents of John Boardman Trask, born on 27 May 1824 in Roxbury MA and died on 3 July 1879 San Francisco, CA. He married Abbie Maria Lowell on 2 Sept 1865 in San Francisco CA, who was born on 23 June 1847 in Foxcroft MA and died on 19 Jul 1902 in Berkley CA. Abbie's parents were Philip Smith Lowell and Harriet Byram Butler. They had three children, i.e.,Harriet Trask, b: 16 Aug 1867 San Francisco CA and d: 17 Sep 1923, Emmaline Steele Trask, b: 20 Oct 1869 San Francisco CA and d: 17 Mar 1947 Indio, Riverside, CA, Elizabeth Augusta Trask, b: 23 July 1872 San Francisco CA and d: 22 May 1885. Emmaline Trask is my gg grandmother. My e-mail address is

Beth sent us a digital copy of a letter which quotes William Blake Trask. The letter, dated May 25, [18]92, states the genealogy of John Boardman Trask, came from an "old family bible located in Roxbury, MA". The author also states that no records of Samuel5 and Elizabeth's 15 children or their children could be found in the Roxbury records. It suggests that the only daughter of Julia Ann Trask and Luke Jewett, "Julia G. Jewett", who married a Col. Dudley, residing in Roxbury, MA, had this bible. We would love to see that "old family bible". Please, contact us.

In our quest for "that bible", Lee Jewett Petry, Historian, Jewett Family of America, Inc., has provided us with some additional information. General Nathan Augustus Monroe Dudley was a professional soldier. We found information about him in Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the US - Register and the Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army.

From Suzanne W. Guinn

Note; DNA research 11-2017, R.W. Trask - Caleb Putnam Trask is a son of Noah Trask.

I am looking for information on Caleb Putnam Trask (1820-1878) from the Bradford County, PA area. The Census states he was born in NY. We have believe Caleb had a brother and sister, Almond and Phoebe, as well as two half brothers, William and Alanson. It seems they all lived in and around Bradford County, PA. Phoebe lived her adult life with her brother Caleb.

It is very possible that Caleb Putnam Trask was a great grandson of Josiah Trask (b: 10-4-1720 Beverly, MA, d: 1-1799 Monson, MA) and Anna Putnam (married on 10-31-1745 in Sutton, MA, b: 7-27-1726 Salem Village). Josiah Trask is the grandson of Osmond Traske and 2nd wife Elizabeth Galley. Josiah's 5th son was Caleb, whos only record of existance, was written in his fathers will. Josiah's 10th child was Noah Trask (b: 1758 or 1759 Monson, MA, d: 10-15-1850 Otego, NY). Circumstantial evidence points to William Trask (b: 1782, d: 10-7-1820) the 2nd son of Noah. William died when Caleb would have been 8 months old.

The evidence to date is very suspiscious but nothing is conclusive - yet. If you have any additional information about Josiah Trask and his family, PLEASE contact me.

Caleb Putnam Trask
Caleb Putnam Trask

From Michael Hobart

I'm looking for the Truman Trask diaries. They were around as late as the 1940's, when a Chicago genealogist made inquiries of the Corbinís (genealogists specializing in the Connecticut valley area) about the Traskís of the Brimfield/Monson MA and Stamford CT area. (References in the Corbin collection and digitized data - New England Historic Genealogical Society collection). Unfortunately, the descendant who had the diaries was not named, and I believe the collection of the Chicago genealogist was dispersed upon his death a few years later).

These diaries MIGHT shed some light on the relationships of the Traskís of the Otego, NY, area, in the first half of the 18th century.

From R.W. Trask
Any information on;

Jacob R. Trask - we are looking for information about his parents.
Jacob R. Trask [b: ~1811 39y NH] married Elenor S. or Elnora B. Clough, who was born on 1-17-1819 East Charleston, VT. Elnora was the daughter of Jabez or Jabish Clough [b: 6-5-1794 Hallowell, ME, d: 7-4-1872 E. Charleston, VT] and Lette or Letty Capron married on 8-10-1818 Barnston, Quebec [b: 2-7-1796 Arcadia, d: 6-5 or 6-19-1868 E. Charleston, VT]. Both Jacob and Elenor were residing in 1850 Hopkinton, St. Lawrence Co., NY, [roll 0, page 314]. The four children (Lorenzo H. [b: 4-14-1844 Hopkinton, NY], Stillman E. [b: 8-17-1845 Canada], Adaline E. [b: 10-15-1849 Elmira, NY] and Lyman W. [b: 1-18-1852 possibly NY]) moved to Iowa with their mother and her parents by 1856. Lorenzo H. wrote, in 1916, that his father was born in "Penn".

I'd love to know who these folks are. Help me if you can.
In the 1810 US Census;
"Teask" Trask, Widow PA Beaver Co. [listed as North Sewickley, but Harmony Twp. is written] 019 1810 m0011 (1m 1784-1794, 1m 1765-1784) f00011 (1f 1765-1784, 1f Before 1765)

Little Beaver Township Tax Lists, 1815;
Trask, Widdow, 1 cow. (crossed out)

In the 1820 US Census;
Trask, Putnam PA Beaver Co. Griersburgh Boroug 162 1820 m000010 (1m 1775-1794) f00010 (1f 1794-1804)

In the 1830 US Census;
Trask, Patnam [Putnam] PA Beaver Chippewa twp 207 1830 m0100001 (1m 1820-1825, 1m 1780-1790) f11001 (1f 1825-1830, 1f 1820-1825, 1f 1800-1810)

We read in the 1820 Census Rufus Trask Jr. (son of Rufus Trask and Hannah Stacy or Stacey)
Trask, Rufus PA Beaver Co. South Beaver Twp 154 1820 m000100 (1m 1794-1804) f000110 (1f 1794-1804, 1f 1775-1794)
and in 1830;
Trask, Rufus, Jr. PA Erie Co. Waterford Twp 303 1830 m1000001 (1m 1825-1830, 1m 1780-1790) f1010101 (1f 1825-1830, 1f 1815-1820, 1f 1800-1810, 1f 1780-1790)

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