Kat in Isleboro, Maine

Taking in the
fresh Penobscot


Sepia, in Litchfield County, CT

Escaping the
Anxiety Condo
from Hell

Previous Felines who have brightened my life

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Sepia lived for over four years.

He originally belonged to a couple of friends who took an apartment where pets weren't allowed.
Mellow, loving temperment.
Absolutely absolutely loathed anything resembling a cat carrier.
Died of a recurrent aortic blockage.
Nickname: Sepers.
An indoor/outdoor cat.

Kat lived for over eleven years.

No one in the family could agree on a name for him, so it became Kat by default.
A feline with a lot of personality, and loads of good memories.
Loved to roughhouse with my brother, be fed by my father, and hang around me.
Loved travelling in the car -- well, as much as any cat I've ever met..
Died of a brain tumor.
An indoor/outdoor cat.

Other Cats Whom Have Lived with Me:

Katrina, and then Misty, were a part of my childhood, before Kat.
Rascal came into my life after Sepia.

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