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This site was born in a whirling haelstrom of electrons over Thanksgiving weekend in November 1995. Beats shopping on the busiest mall day in the year...

As a human on the third planet out from Sol, I'm tall, average build, and look sort of like my sketch (on the home page). Two eyes, a nose, that sort of thing. Apparently quiet but this is subject to reversal more or less upon whim, chance, or inspiration.

I reside in southwestern Connecticut (somewhere in Earth's Northern Hemisphere), on a hillside where I can watch the trees change: bud and strip; bud and strip.

Currently, I share my domicile with a housemate, plus two cats: Titania, a warm long-haired grey huntress of a feline, and Jebu, a skinny stubborn tigerish brown 'fraidy cat. Plus their (untrained and freeloading) fleas, a betta, and a couple tankfuls of small tropical fish. I don't feel obligated to name the fish, but Lazarus is the brass tetra who has survived not one, but two major tank eutrophications. He now shares that tank with four gourami of various types, and a pleco. He'll probably survive them all, again. The small five gallon tank houses guppies -- they orginally came as two pairs, but one of the males died. So, I'm left with one matched pair, and a lone female. Named Bill, Hillary, and Monica, respectively. (If I had a spare nasty nippy female guppy, I'd have named her Linda Tripp, but fortunately I dont...) Bill does seem to spend an inordinate amount of time swimming around Monica, though.

(All of the aforementioned guppies have passed on to history, to the big fishing lure in the sky, and that five gallon tank is now taken out of service, but I think I'll leave my commentary in place ~~tdiann, 6/99)

I work in the pharmaceutical industry, but I don't clone.


In addition to the below, my interests can also be sumrised from a perusal of my Home Page.

Active in the Sierra Club, I also enjoy travelling (Maine, Scotland, San Francisco, Yosemite, and the Pacific Northwest have been highlights).

There's also reading up on archeology and anthropology; doing stained glass; photography; enjoying my neices (Heather and Katelyn); good food (Thai, Japanese -- including sushi and wasabi, Mid-Eastern, seafood, quality dark chocolate, crispy salty potato chips); certain comic books (especially those by Neil Gaiman, Jon DeMatteis, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, etc.); hanging out with good friends; hiking; swimming; crisp autumns; learning about Native American cultures, history, and concerns; the Dark Horde, a Household of the Society for Creative Anachronism; role-playing games; kayaking; reflecting on ideas; wolves; frogs; gourami and Siamese fighting fish; sunsets; wierd mathematical speculations; silver; sn*w falling anywhere but here; MC Escher; Web browsing; Usenet; a few dogs (although I'm much more a cat person); Asian art; Lexmark ergonomic keyboards; tai chi; ecological and environmental concerns;
the shared events in the lives of those aforementioned good friends;
the taste of luscious homegrown black raspberries;
the cacophony of crows;
the scent of cedar;
travelling off of beaten paths;
subverting stagnant paradigms;
and dancing to different drummers.

I've also designed the Sans Cherubs web site. They're a local band, check them out.

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