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New Camera: Canon EOS Rebel G. Close-up ability is now available!!!
Old Camera: Kodak Retina II. Perhaps 60 years old, still going strong (within its limits).
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About Photos at this Website

Photos of the Local Current Feline Population


Longhair domestic
7.5 years old

Photos 1
Photo 2
Photo 3* (head)


Shorthair domestic
4.5 years old

Photos 1
Photo 2
Photo 3*
Photo 4* (b&w)


American Curl
1 year old

Photo 1
Photo 2* (head)
Photo 3

( * - the best of the photos, copyright as noted.)

"Insanity: Introducing a Third Cat". This, presumably, will be an ongoing saga of how my three cats are getting along. Ptarmigan just arrived here this December. Life is indeed improving over the events cronicled herein. (The page also includs a photo of Ptarmigan before he left his old home.)

Diann's Flea Remedy. Logistically, this may be a pain in the neck, but after everything I've tried, I am pleased to announce 3.5 years of success, and NO FLEAS to speak of! (This page is new: January '99.)

In Skewed Visions, you'll find several cat-related backgrounds. Some are textures created from my photographs of cats, and there's an intriguing one which looks almost stucco in representation.

Neat, photo-ham cats I used to have. The ones depicted here are Kat and Sepia. One or two more will be forthcoming as I find and scan the photos, someday.

Feline Imagery, or, what to do when your cats won't pose and you want to think Feline...

If you gander over to my tongue-in-cheek Dolly's Cloning Emporium, you can read about the pros and cons of Cat Cloning.

an artists' gallerie of misteaks, a small collection of mutated Jebu photos, or, altogether too much fun with Paint Shop Pro.

More Pets, as if cats by themselves aren't good enough.
This is a page with a cockatiel and a gourami (a type of freshwater fish).
Critters rule this household.

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American Curl Sites: (Amazingly, they all seem to be on CompuServe.)

One website of Curls
Another site of Curls
And yet another site of Curls (Hunters Glen)

Unique Feline Sites:

The Museum of Non-Primate Art (MONPA). "Why Cats Paint"
The Dorsai Maine Coon Universe.

Diann's Home Home Page

Dolly's Cloning Emporium -- for the finest clones around
Scotland -- a travelogue
Islesboro, Maine -- a visualogue
The Everglades -- a critterologue
Writings -- assorted meandering thoughts
The Library -- concerning masticated wood products
Skewed Visions -- free graphics; mostly things suitable for use as web backgrounds (perhaps)