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Home Articles STARK REALITIES About This Site My PGP Public Key

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Home Articles STARK REALITIES About This Site

Everybody knows that, if you're going to set up Internet servers for anonymous ftp, Gopher or the World Wide Web, the only real' platform is Unix--or, just perhaps, Windows NT Server, if you want to risk surfing the bleeding edge. That's hogwash. There are ftp and Web servers for all kinds of platforms, including DOS, Windows and NetWare, and the Internet doesn't care which platform your services run on. Basing your services platform on NetWare allows you to leverage NetWare security to largely eliminate the security holes so prevalent in the Unix environment.

Once you've arranged with an Internet Service Provider for an appropriately high-speed connection between your LAN and the Internet, ftp from a workstation into the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE) Materials Department at Prague in the Czech Republic. Their server, novell.felk.cvut.cz (or or or or is reachable by ftp or by gopher.

From the directory /pub/nw311/bootpd, get the file bootpd18.zip. This is one of five Internet server NLMs copyrighted as freeware by Michal Meloun under the Hellsoft logo. The others you'll want to get are: fingerd1.zip , ftpd18.zip, resolv13.zip and tftpd.zip, each from their respective /pub/nw311 subdirectories.

If the FNSPE server is busy, try getting the same files from the /pub/packages/hellsoft directory on ftp.rnp.br (a.k.a. or cocada.nc-rj.rnp.br) in Brazil, the only mirror I've been able to locate for the Hellsoft products. (I sent email to Michal Meloun requesting a list of any authorized mirror sites, but he did not do me the courtesy of responding.)

The FTPD.NLM permits you to provide anonymous ftp services to up to 32 simultaneous users. (You'll want to create an account called ANONYMOUS and give it read-only access to your ftp archive directory.) It gives you the option to log ftp activity on your server, supports the Mac namespace and allows you to impose total time and timeout limits on each anonymous login (handy, if you anticipate a lot of traffic.) Like the rest of the Hellsoft servers, it requires CLIB and the Novell TCPIP.NLM or an equivalent be loaded, but you'd want to do that in any case.

The BOOTPD.NLM allows you to dynamically assign IP addresses to your users as they login to the server. It's been tested as compatible with both NetWare 3.x and 4.x. The FINGERD.NLM allows users from the Internet to see who's logged into your server and the RESOLV.NLM provides Domain Name Service name resolution for users on your server, (assuming you have it pointed to a master DNS server,) allowing them to use the service.name.domain convention made possible by DNS, instead of having to use IP addresses. You'll want to load TFTPD.NLM if you want to provide Xwindows services, or any other services which use the Trivial File Transfer Protocol to users on your LAN.

On the FNSPE server, (but not on the Brazilian mirror,) in /pub/nw311/gopherd, you will also find gopherd.zip. This unzips to GOPHERD.NLM, a Gopher server copyrighted as freeware by Michal Cernik, who was kind enough to straighten me out on the difference between his brainchild and the Hellsoft products. As of this writing, it was at version 0.11 and supports only basic Gopher functions. Version 0.22, which supports the Gopher+ extensions, was in beta and might be available by the time this sees print.

The final piece of the puzzle is $295.00. It comes from GLACI, (Great Lakes Area Commercial Internet,) which produces a World Wide Web server NLM. As of publication, the current commercial release version will probably be 1.04, which supports ISMAPs (inline images with clickable hyperlink hot spots'.) The next major release, 1.1, will also support the Common Gateway Interface (CGI,) which permits Web servers to provide services from external applications (such as text search engines, databases and so forth.) The latest beta release is usually available courtesy of anonymous ftp in /pub/netware, (also via the Web at http://www.glaci.com.) You can contact Thad Phetteplace at GLACI for the commercial version at (414) 475-6388, or via Netmail as tdphette@glaci.com or via snailmail at POB 26354, Wauwatosa, WI, 53226, USA.

(Copyright© 1995 by Thom Stark--all rights reserved)