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From this page you can take an in-depth look at the:

History of this site
Design Considerations
User Friendliness
HTML Tricks
Alternate Text
Target Windows
Background Image
HTML Tables
Image Maps
Transparent GIFs
Javascript Tricks
About Javascript
Popup Windows
Rollover Buttons and
HTML Editor
Image Editors
Image Map Editors
Web Browsers

I used in constructing this Web site.

You can also download a single 840KB zip file which contains all of the HTML pages, graphics and image map files which make up this site. (My science fiction novel, A Season in Methven, my ezine, Reality Check and the Services for the 21st Century Committee of the Whole sub-sites aren't included.)

I grant you the non-exclusive right to use, study and reverse engineer these files for purposes of your personal, individual education. I do not grant you the right to republish the images, content or maps or to use those images, content or maps for any commercial or profit-making purpose, including (but not limited to) use in seminars or tutorials, use in commercial or non-commercial Internet or Intranet Web sites and/or compilation, book, CDROM or other physical or electronic publishing venture.

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