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I had the privilege of appearing on Jeopardy! on March 20, 23 and 24, 1992. Here are the clues for each of those three shows. See if you can come up with the right responses for them..

And remember..you must phrase your response in the form of a question!

The category is Poetry

My first appearance on the show was on Friday, March 20, 1992, when I successfully questioned the following answer to become the new Jeopardy! champion. You won't win anything but the admiration of your friends, if you're correct, but, hey, that's not the point..

Much of this poem was probably written at the Indian Queen Inn in Baltimore in 1814.

Let's see if you asked the winning question for Game 1.

The category is British Royalty

I gave the wrong question to this answer on my second appearance on Monday, March 23, but it didn't matter..my nearest opponent had less than half as much money as I did, going into Final Jeopardy!, and I bet an adventurous $0.00..

He was the first Hanoverian monarch born in England; his father was Fredrick, Prince of Wales.

Now, let's see if you came up with the correct question for Game 2.

The category is Operetta

On my final appearance on Jeopardy!, I successfully questioned the following answer. So did the other two contestants. Unfortunately, I was tied for the lead going into Final Jeopardy!, I bet $0.00 and Robert Slaven bet the farm, making him the new Jeopardy champion.

Hanna Glawari, whose late husband has left her a fortune, is the heroine of this 1905 operetta.

Did you, too, respond with the right question for Game 3?