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Lwaxana Troi sat alone in her ancient livingroom, snuggled under a thermo-blanket sent to her as a birthday present from her son-in-law. Interwoven in the soft weave, nano-aromatherapy modules released a lilac scent to match her mood. On the table beside her sat a steaming cup of sweet hot chocolate - an acquired taste she had picked up from her late husband.

In her hands she held an ancient book with yellowed pages. The book smelled of bygone centuries, but the ink carried the scent of fresh petroleum. Lwaxana opened the heavy leather cover. She skipped to the back of the book, past her own love story and searched for the newest entry. Soon, she was absorbed in a tale as romantic as her own. Someday, she told herself, others will want to read these stories the royal biographer for the Fifth House penned, recording for posterity the adventures and exploits of Deanna Troi Riker, Daughter of the Fifth House. Little did Lwaxana know, those others would live out their lives a hundred years before she was born.

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