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This week's list may need some explanation: Mike got free tickets, so we went and saw Sting in concert last week, and got backstage for a very brief "meet and greet" session with the Stingster himself. The record label reps had told us that Sting wouldn't autograph anything, but that he would pose for a photo op. They had also told us we should just introduce ourselves and shake his hand when the "big moment" arrived. While we were standing around waiting, a bunch of us came up with a list of some things we probably should not say to him when we meet Mr. Sting.

The Top 5 Things Not To Say To Sting

  1. "Hey, Sting. Gee, you were so much better with the Police."
  2. "So, Sting. How come every album you do is just a little worse than the last one?"
  3. "Um, Sting... I think you got something on your chin." (Sting is currently sporting a dirty blonde goatee.)
  4. "Sting! Man, I've been a huge fan ever since I saw you beat the Bull Dog at Wrestlemania 2!"
  5. "Sting. One word: Dune. What were you thinking?"
And, since Lyle Lovett was the opening act, here's an extra bonus:

One Thing Not To Say To Lyle Lovett

  1. "Hey Lyle. I saw Julia the other day and, man, she looked hot!"