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I am the Webmaster at Be Incorporated. For most of my time there, Be was a small technology startup company, which means I got to do a lot of things, including things I wasn't hired to do. I love this, and my resume reflects it. Now we're a little bigger, and I focus pretty much on my job.

Prior to Be, I worked at UC Berkeley (with a 3 month layover as a contractor in Apple Computer's quality assurance group) in the Office of the Chancellor. Much of what I did there was different from what I do at Be, so I've preserved my UC Berkeley professional information.

Contact Information
Everything you need to know about getting in touch with me.

Current Resume
Freshly updated, this is a good summary of my skills.

Job Description
This is the advertised job description to which I responded to find my original position at Be. While no job description is ever complete once someone starts doing the job and making it their own, this is the "official" job description for my postion.

Stuff I've Written
Here is a partial list of the things I've written while at Be. These are materials I wrote, rather than pieces I edited, which I don't list. Suffice to say, I can do that, too.

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