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About Us

  • AKC Patents specializes in patent portfolio development and patent prosecution for the materials industry, medical device industry, pharmaceutical industry and software industry.

  • Expertise in Magnetic Materials and Devices, Optical Materials and Devices, Material Processing and Equipment, Electrical, Mechanical, Medical Devices and Equipment, Financial, Business and Software Art.

  • We interview your scientists and engineers and identify all your potentially patentable inventions. Next we prepare a brief summary of all the potentially patentable inventions, and based on inputs from your technical, legal and business management teams we proceed with interviews and preparation of patent applications for each invention that is important for protecting your intellectual property and accomplishing your business goals.

  • We offer fast delivery time, development of a comprehensive patent portfolio, competent patent prosecution and reasonable rates. We are located in the Boston area and would be interested in talking to you about the development of your intellectual property program.