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Bilir, et al.
Method and device for producing white light from Y.sub.2O.sub.3 nano-powders
A device for producing white light includes a light conversion module and a light source. The light conversion module includes undoped metal oxide powder comprising particles having a size of less than 50 nm.

Kingsley Chin
Apparatus and method for spine fixation
A spine fixation assembly connecting a first and second vertebra includes first and second elongated plates that form an X-shaped structure.

Kingsley Chin
Apparatus and method for connecting spinal vertebrae
An orthopedic implantable device articulately connecting a first spinal vertebra to an adjacent second spinal vertebra includes a pair of first components adapted to be attached to locations left and right of a midline of the first vertebra, respectively.

Salzer, et al.
High current, low impedance resistance welding device
A resistance welding apparatus characterized by very low output impedance.

Fain, et al.
Speech recognition system using normalized voiced segment spectrogram analysis
Computer comparison of one or more dictionary entries with a sound record of a human utterance to determine whether and where each dictionary entry is contained within the sound record.

Augustine Tibazarwa
Requirement-centric extensible multilingual instruction language with anti-task actions for computer programming
A computer programming system for multilingual scripting and executing an application program includes a processor, an object oriented programming language system, and a memory. The object oriented programming language system includes a multilingual scripting program for composing code written in a text file according to an object oriented programming grammar.

Olavs Priednieks
Reels, bail arm and fishing rod
This invention concerns a fishing rod which comprises an accelerometer for measuring the acceleration of the fishing rod.

Edmund Dunn
Process and apparatus for direct chill casting
An improved apparatus for direct chill casting of metals includes a mold, a bottom block assembly and a coolant. The mold is configured to surround a molten metal with a mold wall and the mold wall has an outer surface and an inner surface being in contact with the molten metal.

Tengiz Tkebuchava
Rappelling system
An improved rappelling system for raising or lowering a person or an object to or from a stationary or moving elevated point.

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