Map Tiles

Here is the list of all tiles in use. The abbreviations follow a few simple rules. If the tile name is two words, use the first letter of each. If the tile name is a single word, use the first letter if it is unique, otherwise use the first and last letter.

Valley Abb. Lost Castle (M) Abb. Lost City (C) Abb. Woods Abb.
Awful ValleyAV AmbushA BorderlandBL Linden WoodsLW
Bad ValleyBV CliffCL CavernCN Maple WoodsMW
Curst ValleyCV CragCG CavesCS Nut WoodsNW
Dark ValleyDV Deep LakeDL ChasmCM Oak WoodsOW
Evil ValleyEV Deep WoodsDW DescentDT Pine WoodsPW
Fetid ValleyFV LedgesL Hidden MinesHM Quiet WoodsQW
Gross ValleyGV MolehillMH High PassHP Red WoodsRW
Horrid ValleyHV MountainMN HinterlandHL Shady WoodsSW
Icky ValleyIV PinnacleP RuinsR Teak WoodsTW
Joyless ValleyJV VolcanoV TristarT Umber WoodsUW

Board Building

The players are seated around the table in the order they responded to my invitation. The tiles are dealt (except for Ambush, which is held aside and will be played as soon as possible).

  1. Pete McKinney (BIMR5): Caves, Ledges, Descent
  2. T J Tumlin (BIMR5): Hinterland, Gross Valley, Curst Valley
  3. Andrew Higgins: Oak Woods, Crag, Shady Woods
  4. Tim Stevens (BIMR4): Fetid Valley, Joyless Valley, Umber Woods
  5. Bill Koens (BIMR4): Hidden Mines, Deep Woods, Borderland
  6. Dynan Lawster (BIMR5): High Pass, Chasm, Teak Woods
  7. AG (BIMR5): Volcano, Evil Valley, Dark Valley
  8. Paul Orr (BIMR5): Icky Valley, Molehill, Red Woods
  9. Dan Evans (BIMR5): Ruins, Horrid Valley, Deep Lake
  10. Craig Perras (BIMR4): Cavern, Mountain, Maple Woods
  11. Tim/Frederick Heinz (BIMR4): Cliff, Nut Woods, Pine Woods
  12. Deric Page (BIMR4): Pinnacle, Tristar, Linden Woods
  13. Jarrod January (BIMR5): Bad Valley, Awful Valley, Quiet Woods

I have taken the liberty of placing the Borderland to start things off. The map, such as it is, is available on the Items link .

  1. Bill places BORDERLAND at 6:00 orientation.
  2. Dynan places TEAK WOODS 12 o'clock side touching BL's 6 o'clock side.
  3. AG places EVIL VALLEY upside-down, with the tile name at 12 o'clock, touching the 4 o'clock side of Borderlands and the 2 o'clock side of Teak Woods. Clearing EV4 connects to TW5, and EV5 connects to BL4
  4. Paul places the MOLEHILL in 6:00 adjacent to evil valley and borderland.
  5. Dan places DEEP LAKE North of the Borderland, in the 4:00 orientation. DL5 connects to BL1.
  6. Craig places MAPLE WOODS next to Teak Woods and Evil Valley, 4:00 orientation (clearing MW2 connects to TW4 and EV4).
  7. Frederick places CLIFF next to Borderland and Deep Lake, 2:00 orientation (clearing CL2 connects to BL5).
  8. Deric places LINDEN WOODS in the 6:00 orientation On the Borderland's 8:00 side (Clearing LW5 to BL1 & CL1 and clearing LW2 to TW2).
  9. Jarrod places AWFUL VALLEY in the 4:00 orientation connected to Cliff and next to Deep Lake. AV2 connects to CL5.
  10. Pete places the CAVES in the 4:00 orientation, with CAVES 5 connected to AWFUL VALLEY 4 and CAVES 2 connected to DEEP LAKE 3.
  11. TJ places GROSS VALLEY in the 4:00 orientation, GV4 connects to both MH2 and EV1.
  12. Andrew places SHADY WOODS in the 4:00 orientation next to Gross Valley, Evil Valley and Maple Woods. SW2 connects to EV2 and GV2 while SW4 connect to MW4.
  13. Tim places JOYLESS VALLEY at 8:00 next to Awful Valley and Cliff with JV4 connecting to both AV1 and Cliff 4.
  14. Bill places DEEP WOODS in the 8:00 position directly above Joyless Valley, touching Joyless Valley and Awful Valley, so DW2 connects to JV2 and AV5.
  15. Dynan places HIGH PASS in the 2 oclock position against the 12 o'clock side of Awful Valley. HP 6 connects to AV 4. HP 2 connects to DW 1.
  16. AG places VOLCANO to the west of Deep Woods and Joyless Valley, with its only exit leading to JV1.
  17. Paul places ICKY VALLEY in the 2:00 orientation next to the 8:00 side of Cliff. IV5 connects to JV5 and IV4 connects to LW4.<.li>
  18. Dan places RUINS at 8:00 near Linden Woods 8:00 so that Ruins 2 connects to Linden Woods 2 and Ruins 1 connects to Icky Valley 4.
  19. Craig places CAVERN at 12:00 against Volcano, Joyless Valley, and Icky Valley. CN5 connects to IV1.
  20. Frederick simultaneously places AMBUSH South of Linden Woods and NUT WOODS South of Ruins. NW in the 8:00 orientation. NW2 connects to A3 and R3 while A6 connects to TW2.
  21. Deric Places PINNACLE directly north of the Deep Woods. Pinnacle 6 connects to HP3; Pinnacle 2 connects to DW1.
  22. Jarrod places QUIET WOODS in the 12:00 Orientation, South of Teak Woods. QW2 connects to A5.
  23. Pete places LEDGES at the 8:00 orientation. L5 connects to CN2 and L4 connects to IV2.
  24. TJ places CURST VALLEY in the 12:00 orientation South of Ambush.
  25. Andrew places CRAG in the 8:00 orientation next to Cavern. CN1 connects to CG2.
  26. Tim places UMBER WOODS in the 6:00 orientation, North of Caves. UW5 connects to HP5.
  27. Bill places HIDDEN MINES in the 2:00 orientation, South of Ledges. L3 connnects to HM4.
  28. Dynan places CHASM in the 12:00 orientation, next to Umber Woods and Caves. UW2 connects to CM5 and CV1 connects to CM2. (Looks like Dynan is trying to form a hole in the map!)
  29. AG places DARK VALLEY South of Nut Woods, with the tile name at 10:00. DV4 connects to both NW5 and CV5.
  30. Paul places RED WOODS in 8 oclock at molehill 2 oclock.
  31. Dan places HORRID VALLEY at Red Woods' 12:00 in the 8:00 rotation, so that HW4 connects to both RW2 and CH1.
  32. Craig places MOUNTAIN 6 o'clock on Chasm's 12, connecting to the Umber Woods.
  33. Tim/Frederick places PINE WOODS in 4 o'clock orientation adjacent to horrid valley and the chasm.
  34. Deric places TRISTAR adjacent to the Horrid Valley & Red Woods, in the only possible orientation.
  35. Jarrod places BAD VALLEY Sourth of Tristar in the only possible orientation.
  36. Pete places DESCENT in the 6:00 orientation just north of Tristar. Descent 2 connects to Horrid Valley 1.
  37. TJ places HINTERLAND in the 6:00 orientation, next to Curst Valley and Quiet Woods. HL2 connects to CV2 and HL1 connects to QW5.
  38. Andrew places OAK WOODS adjacent to Maple Woods, Quiet Woods & Hinterland at the 6:00 orientation (upright) so OW5 connects to MW5 and QW5 and OW2 connects to HL5.
  39. Tim Stevens places FETID VALLEY in the 8:00 position touching Dark Valley, Curst Valley,and Hinterland with FV2 connecting to DV2, FV1 to CV1 and FV5 to HL4.

Now that the board is built, it is time to select a character.

  1. Bill selects the Wizard.
  2. Dynan selects the Magician.
  3. AG selects the Berserker.
  4. Paul selects the Dwarf.
  5. Dan selects the Captain.
  6. Craig selects the Witch King.
  7. Tim Heinz selects Elf.
  8. Deric selects Witch.
  9. Jarrod selects the Druid.
  10. Pete selects the Woods Girl.
  11. TJ selects the Swordsman.
  12. Andrew selects the Amazon.
  13. Tim Stevens selects the Sorceror.

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