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Our Mission

What Do We Believe?

    We understand Mission to refer to all the things that our faith calls us to do for others as a witness to Jesus Christ and in gratitude for God's many blessings to us. The Congregational Church in Exeter is involved in a mission on many fronts. Here are some of the highlights:

We operate a Food Pantry which offers free nutritious nonperishable items to local people in need. All the work of receiving, storing and distributing food is done by volunteers. The pantry occupies two rooms in our education building, Bixler House. We do not question the pantry's users closely about their circumstances, but assume that their need is genuine. The pantry receives donations of food from individual members, from food drives operated by such groups as Boy Scouts and postal workers, and from other churches.

The church participates in an ecumenical program called Feed My Lambs, which enables us to give vouchers instead of cash to people in need. The vouchers are honored by local merchants for the purchase of perishable foods, fuel, prescription drugs, diapers, and other items not available through the food pantry. Our church has charge of the treasury of Feed My Lambs, which receives financial support from many local churches and service organizations.

We participate in an annual Thanksgiving Baskets project which distributes holiday food to local households in need, and a similar effort at Christmas. The baskets are prepared by church members at their own expense and with loving care, and distributed in such a way as to protect the privacy of the recipients.

Our congregation does its share in two annual special offerings of the United Church of Christ:
     One Great Hour of Sharing in the spring raises funds for worldwide development and assistance projects through the United Church of Christ and Church World Service.
     Neighbors In Need in the fall supports a variety of projects in the United States, including an important ministry among Native Americans.

Through our annual budget, supported by the pledges and contributions of our congregation, the church sends money to a variety of agencies and institutions, including two theological seminaries, a shelter for the homeless, a shelter for abused women, mental health agencies and counseling centers, a support center for teenagers with questions about their sexuality, and a mission agency in Mississippi. The church is also a leading contributor to the mission work of the United Church of Christ through Our Church's Wider Mission.