Henry Hample's Downhome Page

Winner of the 2014 Excellence Award from the Cajun French Music Association

Winner of the 2023-24 Outstanding Educator of the Year Award from the Diocese of Lafayette

"Fiddler Henry Hample bows with gorgeous tonality."
-- Dan Willging, Offbeat Magazine, 2015

"A New York native with an Ivy League education
and bite marks from Cajun music that haven't healed after 20 years."
-- Herman Fuselier, Lafayette Daily Advertiser, 2016

"By all accounts, the group [the Has Beans] elevated its game a few notches
with newest member fiddler Henry Hample."
-- Dan Willging, Offbeat Magazine, 2024

Hello, friends and neighbors. Welcome to my wild and woolly website!


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  • The Has Beans (one of my current bands)
  • Jamie Berzas & Cajun Tradition (another current band, Grammy nominated)
  • Berchmans Academy (my day job as a music teacher)
  • Joe Hample (my brother, the rabbi)
  • Martha Hample (my sister, the entrepreneur)
  • Zack Hample (my brother, the celebrity)


  • Henry Hample Please use this link to email me for more info. (I get a lot of spam and whatnot, so for best results, write "Hi Mr. Henry!" in the subject field.)

    At Fred's on Mardi Gras with KVPI host Mike Perron
    and guitarist Randy Vidrine, Mamou, La., 2020.