Henry Hample's Downhome Page

Winner of the 2014 Excellence Award from the Cajun French Music Association

"Fiddler Henry Hample bows with gorgeous tonality."
-- Dan Willging, Offbeat Magazine

"A New York native with an Ivy League education
and bite marks from Cajun music that haven't healed after 20 years."
-- Herman Fuselier, Lafayette Daily Advertiser

Hello, friends and neighbors. Welcome to my wild and woolly website!


  • Calendar (what I've got coming up)
  • Music Lessons (what I do best)
  • Selected Performances (where I've played in the past)
  • Bio (further details)
  • Music (a few samples)


  • Jamie Berzas & Cajun Tradition (one of my current bands, Grammy nominated)
  • Washboard Jungle (my old band in NY)
  • The Scapegoats (my punk band back in the day)
  • Joe Hample (my brother, the clergyman)
  • Martha Hample (my sister, the entrepreneur)
  • Zack Hample (my brother, the celebrity)


  • Henry Hample Please use this link to email me for more info. (I get a lot of spam and whatnot, so for best results, write "Hi Mr. Henry!" in the subject field.)

    First photo with a fiddle,
    Santa Cruz, Calif., 1980.