Henry Hample's Downhome Page

At the Liberty Theatre with Sheryl Cormier, Eunice, La., 2008.

"We all have our favorites for one reason or other & I tell you true....
Henry has been one of my 'most favorite' people to play with
& it's because when the first foot taps the floor, he waits on no one....
right on my heels."
-- Jesse Lege

Hello, friends and neighbors. Welcome to my wild and woolly website!


  • Calendar (what I've got coming up)
  • Music Lessons (what I do best)
  • Selected Performances (where I've played in the past)
  • Bio (further details)
  • Music (a few samples)


  • Henry Hample on AllMusic.com
  • Jamie Berzas & Cajun Tradition (one of my current bands -- Grammy nominated)
  • Lisa Trahan et L'esprit Cadien (another current band)
  • Wallace Trahan & Rice and Gravy (one more current band)
  • Washboard Jungle (my old band in New York)
  • Joe Hample (my brother, the rabbi)
  • Zack Hample (my brother, the celebrity)


  • Henry Hample Please use this link to email me for more info. (I get a lot of spam and whatnot, so for best results, write "Hi Mr. Henry!" in the subject field.)