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Don Spiro's Fulboarn Dairy Creamery

Fulboarn Dairy

Scratchbuilt creamery based on Grand Isle, Vermont

"I saw this creamery on the RPI layout five or so years ago and really took a liking to it. I shot a few photos of it and used those to "guesstimate" the dimensions based on the Grandt Line windows. I actually drew some plans by this method on graph paper - a first - as I am usually not that technical. I used John Nehrich's "score & snap" styrene technique for the walls and once reassembled, covered them with Holgate & Reynolds block siding. About a month or so after I completed the model I found out that not only were plans printed in a feature article but there was also a follow-up feature article by John Nehrich on how to build it! So it goes."

-Don Spiro

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