Remembering the Rutland

Remembering the Milk Trains

Dairymen's League Sign
Collection: R. Mohowski --- Image: D. Spiro


1. Milk Trains Directory by Railroad - Protoype information for the informed modeler.
2. Milk Cars - Modeling the rolling stock. Includes the Green Book of HO brass milk cars.
3. Creameries & Other Facilities - All of those milk cars need a place to go!
4. Milk Train Bibliography - Where to learn more....compiled by Dwight Smith.

Milk Car Kitbashes

NX 1487

A cool milk car kitbash:

Tom Travers kitbashes a "Shorty" National Car Container Flat in HO scale.

Image: Bill Clark


Another cool milk car kitbash:

Kitbashing Rutland 337 (or 338) in HO Scale. A construction serial by Jim Otto. 

Image: Jim Otto

Otto 337 Thumbnail

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