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General American-Pfaudler Corp. #536
40' Wood Milk Tank Car
Hood's Milk, Lessee

GPEX 536 Hoods


This photograph of GPEX 536 spotted next to an up-country creamery circa 1932 was most probably taken by Winfield G. Bedell of Manchester, NH. in whose scrapbook the image was found.  Mr. Bedell was an operator for the Boston & Maine RR and his hobby was photography.  He retired in 1937 after 56 years of continuous service on the B&M and predecessor lines.  Note that the lessee lettering on the right side of the car is painted directly onto the car side while the lessee lettering to the left is via attached enamal placards.  The end detail is delightfully well-lit and visible.  Can anyone identify the location?

Photo: Collection of James R. Dufour

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