Remembering the Rutland - Remembering the Milk Trains

General American-Pfaudler Corp.
"Round Bottom" Steel Milk Tank Car

As modeled in HO by Don Spiro.

OMI 3054 GPEX 997- Borden's

GPEX 997- Borden's Lessee

"Another car [this one an Overland Models # 3054], which took a long time to locate (all of those eighties-era Overland Milk Car models are getting increasingly difficult to find).  I painted this car with Poly Scale paints and lettered it with Micro-Scale decals. It has an interior with tank ends, pumps, piping and lights although it’s impossible to see and appreciate the tank detail through the narrow door opening………..Obviously someone at Overland either is an extremely retentive detail freak and had questionable "toilet training" or has a marvelous sense of humor. I removed the tank details and plan at some point on building some style of wood car with the doors open. Such a car on a creamery siding would make it easy to see and appreciate the interior detail and illustrate some of the mysterious "inner" workings of the milk industry!  A hose running out a small door on the creamery and hooked up to one of the tanks would be cool too."

-Don Spiro

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