Remembering the Milk Trains

The Modern Technique of Handling Milk

Reprinted from the October 1947 Boston & Maine Railroad Magazine
in the collection of A. E. Moquin

Handling Milk (1) Modern collecting station at Enfield, N.H., where cans of milk from farms are dumped, as shown by man at right, into a "weigh-scale" tank, from which it is piped to cooling tanks, and thence to a railroad tank car.

(2) Cans of cream arrive in carloads from the west, and this picture shows how they are unloaded to a conveyor belt leading to the processing plant.

Handling Milk #2

Handling Milk #3 (3) The modern way of transporting milk, huge tanks in either end of a milk car, which keep the milk at the same temperature from the time it is piped into the car until it is piped out. This car has just been emptied and workers are about to dismantle the pipeline and go inside the tank to scrub and sterilize it.

(4) Bottles are automatically filled and capped by ingenious machines such as that shown here, and then move along conveyor belts to be loaded into cases. Handling Milk #4

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