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Rutland #351
HO Scale Model by George Micklus

Rutland Milk Car 351

Image: Julie Rowe    

Tricks of the (Milk) Trade

George's model of Rutland #351 is the stock milk car from the Railworks Rutland Combine-Milk Car set (catalog #R-313) which was released in 1998. To arrive at a satisfactory shade of green George started with Scalecoat #S-36 C&NW Green and darkend it slightly with an eydropper of Scalecoat #S-10 Black. This same black was mixed with Floquil Grimy Black and used on the roof, underframe and trucks. The trucks received a light weathering in order to enhance their detail. The Kadee couplers had their the "glad hands" snipped off and were painted Rail Brown.

The bulk of the decals are from the Herald King Rutland Reefer #R-760 set which is no longer manufactured (sometimes life just ain't fair!). The road numbers are actually from the Herald King Rutland Diesel #L-760 set (also discontinued) since these more closely match the prototype than the numbers offered in the reefer set. George applied TWO layers of each decal to obtain a satifactory shade of yellow without the "green bleed" effect.

End result: a beautiful model!

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