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Sheffield Farms

Sheffield Farms

GPEX # 766

GPEX # 766 was a General American-Pfaudler steel "straight bottom" style milk car with two glass-lined tanks inside, each with a capacity of 3,000 gallons. The length over end sills was 40 ft.-6 in.  At the time of this photograph (circa 1940) the car was leased to Sheffield Farms.  See below for tips on modeling this car in HO scale.

OMI GPEX Flat Bottom


Overland Models, Inc. imported a nicely-done HO scale version of the GPEX "straight bottom" milk car  in 1986.  It carried OMI catalog number 3064.  It would make an excellent starting point for the Sheffield Farms car at the top of the page. Both Sunshine Models and Funaro & Camerlengo carry kits with Sheffield Farms placard decals but they are the "Milk Tank Car" variation.

Image, model and creamery by Don Spiro.

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