Remembering the Rutland - Modeling the Milk Trains

Rutland 40

Photo by Gordon Blake --- Collection of W. D. Hills

I for one appreciate the time you take to keep the rest of us informed. I was just a boy when the Rutland was in its last years of steam, but I remember well the milk trains leaving Bennington down the Chatham, sometimes doubleheaded out of Bennington for that climb, and I remember the tall stacks which suggested 40 class and 50 class engines, 'tho my best memories were of the 70's that did the switching and local work later. I wish I had taken lots of pictures, but I didn't get to town that often. One of the engines used to go to Chatham at night with valves out of square, which was not typical of Rutland maintenance. Poor but proud was that outfit.

Thanks for reviving the warm feelings which go with such remembering.


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