Remembering the Rutland - Modeling the Rutland

Rutland Steel Baggage Car No. 129
Modeled in HO Scale by Bill Badger

Badger's Model of 129

My model of Rutland 129 began as a Rutland Car Shops kit. Part of the challenge was that I started it before Mike had done the instructions so I spent quite a while looking at small parts and scratching my head. However, since I did the underbody drawings for RCS, I had access to Mike's photos which helped. To me a lot of the interest of heavyweight cars is all the stuff underneath, so I wanted to emphasize that. The brake cylinders, tool box, battery boxes and electrical receptacles are all from the kit. I made the air tanks with telescoping brass rod and tubing (to get the recessed end look). The generator is a Cal Scale part. I added more piping and wiring than is really necessary (I know - I really need a layout), but it seemed like the thing to do at the time. The card holder on the sides is made of thin sanded styrene. I built the floor as part of the body and attached the roof with long screws behind the coupler boxes. The steps I made out of flat wire after I broke two of the epoxy steps [that come with the kit] just in handling. The body and roof are pretty much standard, though I did narrow the roof a bit because the overhang didn't suit me. The brass NYC trucks are some I found in my truck box but I don't remember who made them. The diaphrams are American Limited. After looking at photos and some samples of paint off the old Rutland cars at North Walpole, Glenn Annis came up with a 50:50 mix of Model Flex Pullman Green and GN Green. It seems to have the right amount of olive in it to my eye. The underbody and roof are grimy black and the decals are those that came with the kit. I think I over sprayed the body lightly with gloss to blend the decals and then did everything in somebody's (Pro-Color?) waterbased flat finish which is actually more of an eggshell. Then I lightly weathered the car along the lower edges and ends. Afterwards I thought flush windows would look nice, but I have not gone back to try doing them.

-Bill Badger

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