Remembering the Rutland - Modeling the Rutland

Rutland N Scale K1
Modeled in N Scale by Phil Kuczewski

Kuczewski's N scale No. 80

Model and image by Phil Kuczewski

Rutland N Scale K1
Credit Phil Kuczewski with this beautiful rendition of an N scale model of Rutland Pacific No. 80

Phil began by purchasing an Atlas AT&F stock Pacific in nice condition on ebay. He removed the original lettering and repainted those surfaces black. Next he ground off the bell which was molded into the front of the smoke box and resurfaced that area. He detailed the headlight, added number boards, pilot handrails, and a Detail Associates bell in the correct position. He painted the smoke box and firebox medium light gray.

As for the tender, Phil removed the tool boxes underneath the tender and the original tender trucks, which were replaced with Micro-Trains Commonwealth trucks and coupler. He made his own decals using laser decal paper.

Phil sent images and text for a number of his excellent N scale models and we will feature them soon in the Modeling the Rutland section. If you would like to exchange ideas on modeling the Rutland in N scale Phil would like to hear from you via his email address,

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