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A Rutland Railroad Bibliography

Listed below are some of the books, periodicals and video tapes that any serious student of the Rutland would want to consult.  Some are still in print, others are not.  Those that are no longer in print can sometimes be acquired with perseverance and a bit of luck at hobby shops, train shows, on-line auctions, used book dealers, etc.  Some deal exclusively with the Rutland, others have only a chapter or two.  In a few cases there is only a page or two.  But they all have a place in gaining an understanding of the Rutland and the role it played in New England history.

They are listed in no particular order, so don't draw any conclusions by it.  The reviews are strictly my own.

Please suggest additions.

-- Jim Dufour


The Rutland Road
by Jim Shaughnessy
What can one say?  This is the bible for the those who keep the faith.   Now back in print.

The Rutland - 60 Years of Trying
by R.W. Nimke
How many fans of any railroad can claim coverage as complete as this?  7 volumes in 9 books.

Behind the Iron Horse - The People Who Made the Trains Run in the Bellows Falls, Vermont Area (1941-1980)
by Giro R. Patalano
Takes you "in the trenches" with the railroaders.  Although a B&M employee, the author relates many stories involving Rutland people and trains.

Trains of Northern New England
by John Krause and Fred Bailey
Excellent coverage of the area by many of the legendary photographers of the late steam/early diesel era.

Rensselaer Model Railroad's Milk Train Data Pack
by John Nehrich
Rosters, operations, consists, etc, etc.  Invaluable coverage of everyone's favorite aspect of Rutland (and other northeastern railroad) operations.

Northern New England Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
by David R. Sweetland with Stephen Horsley
Color!  A Modeler's delight.  OK, what's your formula for Rutland green?

Trackside East of the Hudson 1941-1953 with William J. McChesney
by Jeremy F. Plant with Brian D. Plant
Incredible color coverage of the Rutland  (and other northeastern roads) in steam (and a brand new #202 with the "Flyer").

New England Rails 1948-1968
by David R. Sweetland
More color coverage of the northeast railroad scene.  Three pages of Rutland diesels.

Green Mountain Rails - Vermont's Colorful Trains
by Robert Willoughby Jones
A classic in the making.  More incredible color, page after page of it!

The Rutland - Arrivals and Departures
R.W. Nimke
Rutland timetables through the ages.

The Rutland - Betterments - Statistics, et. al.
By R. W. Nimke
And the beat goes on...

Rutland Railroad Side Track Diagram - December 1, 1934
By R. W. Nimke
Also includes photos, statistics, track profile inserts, etc., etc.

Rails Beyond the Rutland
by Philip R. Jordan
Mostly coverage of the GMRC and VTR, but includes a look at Rutland equipment at the time of abandonment.

New York, Ontario and Western Railway - Milk Cans, Mixed Trains, and Motor Cars
by Robert E. Mohowski
Not about the Rutland per se, but this book is a treasure trove of info about creameries, processing, milk cars etc. etc.  Highly recommended for students of the milk trains.

Trackside in the Albany, N.Y. Gateway with Gerrit Bruins
by Len Killian and Jim Odell.
Published by Morning Sun
Mostly NYC and D&H passenger trains, but there are 2 pages of Rutland RC3-CR4 circa 1961 that include shots of Caboose #43 and Combine #260.

Railroads of Vermont - Volumes I & II
by Robert C. Jones
Published by New England Press, Shelburne, Vermont.
Volume I is 355 pages and has 18 pages on the Rutland RR/RWY. Volume II has 360 pages including 13 pages on the Rutland Street Railway Company and the Rutland Railway Light and Power.

New England's Colorful Railroads - Volume 1
by David R. Sweetland
Published by Four Ways West Publications
All-color coverage; five pages of beautiful diesel roster shots and a few steam switchers.

Passenger Cars of New England, Volume 3 - Central Vermont and Rutland
by Robert A. Liljestrand and David R. Sweetland
Published by The Railroad Press
Photographs, a brief overview, and roster of the Rutland's (and CV's) fleet of passenger cars, head end cars and milk cars. Many fine images from Bob's negative collection and other collections. (Bob is the owner of Bob's Photos).

A Rail Journey Through New England
Published by The 470 Railroad Club
"A photo album covering Northern New England with very imformative captions. 120 pages."  It contains pictures of the Rutland, B&M, CV, Maine Central, New Haven and others.

Trains and Trolleys - Volume 2
by Edgar T. Mead
Published by Soo Nipi Publications, Box 18, Sunapee, NH 03782
What is lacking in Rutland coverage is made up for in pictures of the B&M, CV, MEC, VTR, B&H, St J&LC, CNJ, D&H and others. With the exception of the cover, the pictures are all black and white and span the years from the mid 1930's to the 1990's.

Railway Milk Cars - Volume 1
by Robert A. Liljestrand and John Nehrich
Published by Bob's Photos, 37 Spring Street, Ansonia, CT 06401
Volume 1 features rosters and photos of many of the types of milk cars that ran on the Rutland.

Railway Milk Cars - Volume 2
by Robert A. Liljestrand and John Nehrich
Published by Bob's Photos, 37 Spring Street, Ansonia, CT 06401
This volume features photos of Rutland milk cars, milk train consists, a list of creameries on the Rutland as well as more photos of many of the types of milk cars that ran on the Rutland.


The Rutland Newsliner
Published by the Rutland Railroad Historical Society.
Dedicated entirely to our beloved Rutland.

The Whippet
(was) Published by the Rutland RR Technical Association
Only three issues were published, but they are worth seeking out.

The New England States Limited (various issues)
(was) Published by New England Rail Service
Look for Volume IV, No. 1 with the Rutland Motive Power cover story.  Excellent!

The Locomotive Quarterly, Volume 23, No. 2
This edition, which was published in early 2000, has a cover feature on Rutland steam. Factually suspect but many excellent photographs.

The Locomotive Quarterly, Volume 13, No. 3 (Spring 1990)
10 pages of Rutland power at Rutland.

The Locomotive Quarterly, Volume 1, No. 3 (Spring 1977)
Clean-Lined Engines of the Rutland by Vince Picarello. Over 30 pages on the Rutland, including two color paintings.  Accurately written by one of us.

B&M Bulletin, Volume 11, No. 4 (Summer 1982)
Includes a comprehensive article entitled The Green Mountain Flyer by Raymond Tobey. Illustrated with many photos between Boston and Montreal from the 1938-50 era. One interesting sequence shows the mail being snagged on the fly by a Maine Central RPO at Healdville. Ignore the erroneous caption to the last photo, which is of a B&M Conn. River train.


Green Mountain Railroading on the Rutland
Originally a Blackhawk film,  later released on Blackhawk Collection video
Is this still available?  If not, then it should be.  Live, synchronized sound combined with sharp-as-a-tack black & white 16 mm film.  Listen to the hogger "hook up" a Ten Wheeler blasting out of New Haven with the "Flyer."  Or a B&M P-3 starting out of Manchester with the "Flyer" while its opposite sits in the siding.   Shot by Fred McLeod in 1951-52, if you weren't there at the time then this is as close as you can get to heaven on earth!

Railroading in the Northeast
Originally a Blackhawk film,  later released on Blackhawk Collection video
Another Blackhawk film, but not as essential.  The few Rutland scenes are choppy, out-of-sequence  clips taken at Bellows Falls in the late nineteen-thirties.

Northern Railroads: Vermont and Her Neighbors
A one hour videotape, produced by Vermont Public TV
Avaiable for $29.95 plus shipping from the Vermont Life catalog. Call 1-800-455-3399, ext. 9826. The catalog number is VNRR502.
Includes some fabulous Rutland footage
.    (Tip of the cap to Jane Silvernail)

Remembering the Rutland
Compiled by RRHS members Phil Jordan and Will Davis.  Available for $25.00 from Phil Jordan, Box 275, E. Arlington, VT  05252
Features the home movies of the late Rutland locomotive engineer Ray Haseltine, the late Rutland president Cardner Caverly, and others
Not associated with this web site, save for the obvious love of the Rutland...

Northeast Steam
From A&R Productions (PO Box 492, Kensington, CT, 06037)...
comes this compilation of previously-released Blackhawk films, including the above-mention Green Mountain Railroading on the Rutland and Railroading in the Northeast. Some of the scenes are shown to have been originally filmed in color!!! Also included are films of the Reading, D&H, B&O, and others. Great stuff!!!

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