The timeline being discussed here is not the dates on which the episodes were broadcast: that information can be found on the Episode Titles page. This page is concerned with when the episodes take place, which is not necessarily the same thing, including when the various flashback scenes of Molly and Fred's married life occur.

So this is the page for really "anal" people like me who care about such trivial questions as: how long is the gap in time between the first and second seasons, or between the second and third, and what about gaps between episodes within a season? Or: what year was Molly born? Or: what year did Molly and Fred get married? Or: how soon after the big "Lullalby of the Leaves" fight (during which Molly mentions the exact date), shown in the flashback in Here's another cryptic message from upstate (202), did they get separated and divorced? Or: did Molly's pregnancy really take 19 months, which is the gap in time between the airdates of conception and birth? (Presumably not, which is one of the reasons we know that the airdate of an episode and the date at which it is set are not necessarily the same.) If you have no interest in such questions, feel free to ignore this page.

The timeline discussion is divided into three sections:

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Summary of the Timeline, by Season

Dates are approximate.

First Season: Sept. - Dec., 1985 [Molly is 34, and turns 35]
Second Season:Jan. - May, 1988 [Molly is 37]
Third Season: Dec. 31, 1988 - May, 1989 [Molly is 38]
Fourth Season:June - Nov., 1989 [Molly is 38-39]
Fifth Season: Jan. - Feb. and Aug. - Nov., 1990 [Molly is 39, and turns 40]

The Timeline of Molly's Life

Discussion of the Timeline