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image/_aut_0601.jpg, 2.4K, Kevin & Edith on our way..
image/_aut_0603.jpg, 1.5K, Here we come..
image/_aut_0604.jpg, 2.1K, We're here! So good to be home!
image/_aut_0606.jpg, 1.9K, Kevin setting up the shade structure.
image/_aut_0607.jpg, 2.3K, Kevin, tuesday morning. Damn, it's cold!
image/_aut_0610.jpg, 2.5K, Edith and her morning cup-o-death.
image/_aut_0611.jpg, 1.4K, Those little dots in the sky are skydivers.
image/_aut_0613.jpg, 1.7K, Kevin finishing off the shade structure.
image/_aut_0616.jpg, 2K, Kevin in his Lamplighter robe.
image/_aut_0617.jpg, 2K, Larry the stiltman and Edith. You can find Larry at
image/_aut_0620.jpg, 1.9K, Our address: 430 Moon Circle
image/_aut_0621.jpg, 1.9K, Car surfer.
image/_aut_0622.jpg, 1.5K, Fellow Lamplighter and campmate, Thorny.
image/_aut_0623.jpg, 1.1K, Da Playa
image/_aut_0634.jpg, 2K



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