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image/_aut_0658.jpg, 1.9K, Gee, who put these lamps way over here??
image/_aut_0660.jpg, 2.1K, Tony says, "Smile!!"
image/_aut_0661.jpg, 2.2K, DO NOT RESIZE!!!!!     4:30 Moon Circle, our desert home.
image/_aut_0662.jpg, 2K, A side that stops traffic.
image/_aut_0664.jpg, 2K, Niiiice ukelele...
image/_aut_0665.jpg, 1.5K, Love sinks... yeah, yeah.
image/_aut_0667.jpg, 1.9K, Who's that hot chick with the skinny guy?
image/_aut_0668.jpg, 2.3K, Hello Dali.
image/_aut_0669.jpg, 1.6K, Purple haze, run through my brain!
image/_aut_0670.jpg, 1.5K, So this is what a bran muffin feels like...
image/_aut_0671.jpg, 2.3K, A shiek and a freak.
image/_aut_0673.jpg, 1.9K, Let's go get lit.
image/_aut_0674.jpg, 1.7K, Preparing for the evening festivities
image/_aut_0703.jpg, 1.4K, Homo explodicus
image/_aut_0704.jpg, 1.3K, I swear this makes me want a Big Mac.

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