Lamp99Header.html Misc Pictures from Burning Man 1999
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image/_aut_0710.jpg, 1.7K, Somebody hits the wrong button.
image/_aut_0712.jpg, 1.8K, No Edith! Don't run JUST yet!
image/_aut_0715.jpg, 1.7K, Big flames for a big man.
image/_aut_0719.jpg, 1K, This thing takes longer to die than Beverly Hills 90210.
image/_aut_0720.jpg, 1.8K, She's not drunk.     Really....
image/_aut_0901.jpg, 2.8K, What Burning Man is all about.
image/_aut_0902.jpg, 2.4K, Kickin' it wit da homies.
image/_aut_0903.jpg, 2.4K, The happy camp.
image/_aut_0904.jpg, 1.7K, Camp Coup de Tat at a slow moment.
image/_aut_0911.jpg, 1.7K, Camp Margarita (aka Lamplighter Lounge).
image/_aut_0913.jpg, 2.1K, All hail the idiot king.
image/_aut_0916.jpg, 1.5K, Tony: 1      Anheuser Busch:0
image/_aut_0917.jpg, 1.9K, We-sa goin' hoooome!
image/_aut_0918.jpg, 1.5K, Left no trace.



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