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image/_aut_0635.jpg, 1.4K, The opera set.
image/_aut_0636.jpg, 1.6K, Chimes out on the playa
image/_aut_0637.jpg, 2.5K, One of the Seemen's pieces.
image/_aut_0638.jpg, 2K, Bicycle-go-round
image/_aut_0639.jpg, 1.8K, It's a small after all world
image/_aut_0641.jpg, 2.1K, It's a small after all world
image/_aut_0643.jpg, 2.9K, In the car wash
image/_aut_0645.jpg, 2.7K, Edith & me in the car wash
image/_aut_0647.jpg, 2.1K, Home is where the hate is.
image/_aut_0648.jpg, 1.9K, Edith atop the Lamplighter lounge
image/_aut_0649.jpg, 2K, Edith again
image/_aut_0652.jpg, 2.3K, 'Menses' the time of the month fairy
image/_aut_0653.jpg, 1.9K, The fire-horn at camp cou de ta (sp??)
image/_aut_0655.jpg, 2.4K, Oh no!  It's the MAD COW!!!!
image/_aut_0656.jpg, 2.2K, Madonna ain't got nuthin' on me!

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