Clan Kyrkonnel ~ Sorcha

Sorcha is a Wizard of Srad who spends most of her time in the enchanted garden and the Mileth crypt. She is a promising alchemist so her hands are always dirty from collecting various ingredients; her sisters tease her endlessly about the awful smells that eminate from her workshop. However, Sorcha is the beneficiary of a five-generation tradition in magic; just below is the collection of Sarcenet family grimoires written by the sisters' great-grandmother Eilis and mother Zofilia. Sorcha has added some of her own observations and suggestions, often scribbled in the margins with sketched illustrations for good measure.

Sorcha's Recipe Book, Part 1 ~ preparation instructions for tools and ingredients used in novice magickal potions

Sorcha's Recipe Book, Part 2 ~ a collection of novice magickal potions

Sorcha's Memories

Calling Down the Fire (Srad) Upon a Centipede

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