Clan Kyrkonnel ~ Flyss

Flyss is a Priest of Luathas, the god of wisdom and knowledge. She has taken a vow of silence as part of her oath to serve her deity, so do not expect to speak to you. However, if you listen for a quiet whisper in your thoughts, you will be able to hear her just fine. Flyss does her best to take her unusual gifts of divination and foresight in stride, but her vow of silence means she rarely, if ever, leads Luathas mass. Also, Flyss has the most beautiful handwriting of all the Kyrkonnel sisters, so look below for some of her sisters' poetry she has transcribed.

A Letter to Myrmior ~ a brief parchment describing Flyss's abilities and personality

Poem: Alchemy ~ a poem composed by Sorcha (transcribed by Flyss)

Poem: A Hilye For Lomas ~ a celebratory farewell poem composed by Raeven for Lomas (transcribed by Flyss)

Poem: Adoration ~ a poem composed by Raeven for a new love (transcribed with much curiosity by Flyss)

Flyss' Memories

Worshipping at Weekly Luathas Mass

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