I have been teaching music for 10 years in schools, conservatories and privately. Currently, my teaching activities are based in my home studio in Newton. I am a certified music educator, who specializes in music and piano instruction for young children and youth. Ever since I became a teacher, I've developed a special interest in rediscovering everything that is great about music, along with the children who studied with me.





















I like to teach music because…

I believe that experiencing music, or any art form,first hand, is a great vehicle that enables each one of us to discover our unique abilities and talents. Apart from the fact that music esthetically appeals to us--It's just great to have around! -- It gives us opportunity to engage in an activity that involves not only our ears, but all of our senses. Both children and adults enjoy creating music daily. When we sing in the shower, or hum a slightly different version of a tune we know, we are actually doing exactly that. Music isn't something that only musicians appreciate. Many people enjoy listening to music without playing one note in their life. Listening to music is fun, but I believe that people-- children and adults alike- can actively participate in music making, without the need to be professional musicians. Through my music classes and piano lessons, I try to expose the children to as much music as I can. Listening, singing and playing different styles of music from all around the world are part of the curriculum. While we are developing instrumental skills, the children also learn to appreciate music and increase their ability to listen to it critically. All of these acquired skills will make it easier for the children to express their feelings through music, and make music part of their life. This is a process that takes gradual learning. This learning can start at a very young age, and hopefully continue through a lifetime.

My primary goal is to promote an environment that emphasizes free expression, making music and sharing it with others.

I offer 3 types of music classes: Windows to Music, TuneTown and Piano Lessons.