An interactive concert-clinic program for Elementary and Middle Schools






(Living Values Educational Program), A project which involves educators around the world in over 40 countries, and is sponsored by UNESCO, PLANET SOCIETY, BRAHMA KUMARIS and UNICEFF.

Our goals are:

The program is presented as a story that follows the events in the career of the M.V.P. band. The struggles and the difficulties the musicians experience while trying to become a successful band, are the direct results of the lack of values within the band. Using the students' (audience) input, the band starts to rebuild as the members learn how to use values like respect, cooperation, tolerance, responsibility, trust, courage, etc. and put them into practice. While telling the story of this band, we touch upon musical concepts like: melody, harmony, and rhythm, as well as more complicated concepts like: improvisation, musical conversation, instruments and their purposes and singing in a certain musical key. Our choices of musical styles (well known as well as original tunes) include Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll, with a little cultural tour around the world into Latin and Brazilian music.

The story tells about transformation and self-discovery, building of trust and respect, changing the attitudes and behaviors in order to earn success. To quote the band member's feelings, "Before": "This isn't working, stop everyone, it sounds terrible!" (Martin) "It sounds like a train wreck…" (Tal) and "After": "We have to agree on certain "Rules" before we're playing a tune…"(Kevin) "Hey guys, I just had a phone call from the club, we got the gig!" (Tami)


Band Members                      Samples:      Values Rap           It Don't Mean A Thing


The M.V.P. (Music Values Project) band was founded when a group of inspired educators decided to present a program which promotes values like: respect, honesty, cooperation, responsibility, tolerance, happiness and peace, and their application within our society. In an increasingly violent world, and the loss of respect for the self, and others in our society, we feel it's essential to equip the young people of today with personal, social and moral values. This program adopts the same aims and goals as the LVEP