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My photograph, Catseye, tied for second place in the color print division at the Candlewood Camera Club, December, 1999. It got people to giggle, which was rewarding in itself.

This is a cool award presented by April Dean, a fellow webaholic with her own multifaceted site that I recommend to web adventurers without reservation. Except that it seems to have disappeared, alas.

I wasn't trying to have anything seriously serious on this page, but exceptions are always fun.

I keep being told I should mention winning the NCAA men's basketball pool this year (1998) -- well in advance of the final game. Forty big bucks I didn't spend all in one place. All this, and I know beans about the teams. Knowledge being a dangerous thing and all, I'm glad I didn't know anything.

This year (1999) I won third place in the aforementioned basketball pool. This is fun.

Let's see -- I was awarded a Loreena McKennitt CD back in '92 for impersonating H. Ross Perot in an an on-line Halloween "costume" contest.

There are a couple of old bowling trophies knocking around here.

I won a third-place swimming trophy once back when I was about ten. I should have saved it; but as there were only three people in that particular race, I kinda lost interest...

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