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August 1995, I had the pleasure of going to Scotland for two weeks. Two weeks was at minimum a week too short. The obstensible occasion of my visit was Intersection, the 53rd World Science Fiction Convention, held in Glasgow at the end of August. However, while I love reading SF and enjoy conventions, going all the way over there without seeing more than a little something of the country would have missed a major point. For me, hitting the convention was just going to assure that I'd run into folks I knew during some part of my journey.

Following is my travelogue, two weeks in Scotland, broken down into sections for ease of reference, written back in 1995. They're written informally, from one voyager's perspective, and are not meant to be comprehensive. I had aggrevated carpal tunnel at the time I wrote them, and so some of the discussions break off when I was just getting started...

The Photos!!

The following GIF's are ready for your perusal, and were photographed in August 1995 by Diann at the indicated locations. Use as you please; they're Public Domain.

  1. Stained glass window, St. Giles Cathedral, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh.
  2. Parade with bagpipes, taken from the grounds of Arbroath Abbey, Arbroath, commemorating the 50th anniversary of V-J Day.
  3. St. Vigean's Church, on the outskirts of Arbroath.
  4. Eilean Donan, the ruins of a castle towards the western Highland coast.
  5. Facing towards Portree Harbour, from the Heritage Museum, Isle of Skye.
  6. Ferry crossing, from Skye. Ahead is Kyle of Lochalsh.

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